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Is Your TV Broken and in Need of Disposal?

Have you thought of Recycling your TV?

What if You Could Fix Your TV?


Video Audio Specialists can organize your TV Disposal OR TV Recycling*. Perhaps even fix or repair your TV (check out our manufacturers) … We specialize in TV repair and in a world of throw away electronics, it does not always make sense. We often find people think they need to throw out their old TV, however it could have been fixed.

If your TV is truly dead or too expensive to repair, then Video Audio Specialists will recycle and dispose* of your TV to help the environment.

*WARNING / RESTRICTIONS: Video Audio Specialists Does NOT take cracked screens or tubes simply for recycling only.  – Call now 702 382 3333 and ask us how to get a free estimate (if it is not worth repairing – it is no charge to leave it with us, not all TV’s qualify.